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Second Half 2005 I strike a blow for freedom; Weyerbacher turns 10, and I do a beer dinner in Newburgh, NY.

February 2005 Running hard across Pennsylvania to put away some of the unexplored bars on my list, on the way to the grand -- finally!! -- opening of North Country Brewing in Slippery Rock, and the smoky ride home. 

Fall/Winter 2004 A trip to Oklahoma City and Wichita that involves a lot of iffy beer, good beer, and some great beer, old friends and new, and Prairie Beauty. Plus two really great days of beer enjoyment. 

Summer 2004 We all get silly at the Royal Stumble, and I take my kids and my parents on a sentimentally multi-generational visit to central Pennsylvania for a bunch of roller coaster ridin' and beer drinkin'. Any parent would be proud.

Early Winter 2004 What was now apparently the last Barker Brew Fest, two more new PA brewpubs, and another Friday the Firkinteenth, at which your hero has too much to drink, but lives to regret it. 

Winter 2003/04 (In which I get sick and don't write much, but still manage to get to two new PA brewpubs and taste booze, turn a hat-buying trip into a productive beerhunt, and watch the tanks go into the newest Iron Hill.)

Fall 2003 (contains two great Monk's dinners: Dave Buhler of the Elysian brewpubs in Seattle, and Stephen Beaumont, who paired beers (and sake) with exotic meats. Some good laughs. Tasting note on my "non-bourbon spirit of the year.")

August 2003 (contains Adventures in the Adirondacks, and what I was doing while I wasn't signing books in Syracuse and Rochester)

June 2003 (contains My Great Beer Day, much too much time with Jack Curtin in Pittsburgh, and Friday the Firkinteenth)

May 2003 (contains the tale of the sparsely populated Sunnybrook beer festival and the Great Sly Fox Goat Race)

April 2003 (contains Iron Hill Brewer's Reserve Night at West Chester, hoisting a-plenty at the TAP New York festival, and my bike ride to the Jim Anderson-less Split Thy Skull strong beer festival)

February and March 2003 (contains the Golden Age of Beer Philly bar voyage, Stephen Beaumont's beer dinner at Monk's, the Stone Brewing Manhattan Launch party and our subsequent wanderings in Greenwich Village and Brooklyn, my birthday pub crawl, family-style beer travel at Victory and Sly Fox, and Groundhog Day at the Grey Lodge)

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