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Lew Loves Pears!

Pears! Ha! I love 'em.

It's a fact that pears are the most delicious fruit in the world. All other fruits are like unto steamed crap beside a perfectly ripe pear. It's true! I said so.  

Heh. Pears make me giddy. Sorry.

Besides being wholly delicious, pears are even better for you than most fruits. Howzat? It's true: pears, for example, are one of two foods that are naturally non-allergenic. Betcha didn't know that. There is about 4 grams of fiber in an average pear, one of the highest counts in fruit. Pears are rich in potassium, Vitamin C, antioxidants, and chlorogenic acid (which these alternative nutrition wackos seem to think is good stuff). I don't eat 'em for all that crap, though. I eat 'em because they taste like sweet heaven.

Pears are also one of the very few fruits that continue to ripen after being picked. Good to know!

New pear -- for me, anyway: the Forelle pear made its first appearance at my local grocery store. A bit larger than a Seckel pear, not so sweet as the Seckel, but with a delicious light-fleshed crispness.

We've also been eating a lot of Red Anjous lately. The color is the only difference between this pear and the regular Anjou, but the local store has some real nice Reds in, so we're eating them. A great pear for slicing and munching with cheese, the Anjou flesh is creamy and firm.

California Bartlett Pears : producer's site, w/recipes.

USA Pears: a Pacific Northwest site with good advice on ripening pears, recipes, variety info. I'm salivating just looking at this site.

If you want to learn more about the healthy side of pears (like you need another reason to eat them), take a look at this "medical fact sheet" from the Apple and Pear Australia, Ltd. APAL's Pear Varieties page makes me drool at the thought of pears I haven't had yet.

Forget all that other crap at Harry & David's: they've got great PEARS! I get no payback for this link. I just love their pears. They restored my faith in pears when I had gone through a long stretch of starchy crap pears. Now I eat pears all the time, and smile, smile, smile. 

Hey, my parents send me Harry & David's pears for Christmas every year. One year, when they got to me, they were...wrinkled. They tasted okay, but they looked funny. I called H&D to see if the pears were okay, and they said they didn't want me having wrinkled pears, and they sent me a whole new shipment! God bless their souls. I love pears.

Gotta love pears from Washington in the mail! Again, no kickback here, just love pears.

Other Passions 
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