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I've been doing a number of interviews with brewers, owners, and other industry people and sticking them in various places. Seems smarter to put them all in one place. I'll be adding new ones, and some older ones as well.


Bill Covaleski: On the day of Victory's 10th anniversary, I return to Victory ten years after my first visit to reminisce a bit with Bill about that first month, talk about their 10th anniversary beer, 10 Years Alt, details of their brewing philosophy, why he'd skip V-10 if he had it all to do over, and what Bill sees coming for Victory and craft brewing in the next 10 years. 

John Trogner: The brewer/techie side of Tröegs comes clean on the new brewing set-up (in excruciating detail), explains his latent homebrewing tendencies, and confesses to really getting off on welding. Just about what you'd expect from John.  

Marc Worona: Exit Interview: Stoudt's head brewer Marc Worona is leaving for a job with Yakima Chief. How that happened, when he's leaving, and who's taking over.

Destiny: I had a short talk with Emerson Haines, the guy who's putting together the Destiny brewpub in Phoenixville. Destiny seems more like a 1988 startup than a 2005 one; I'm truly curious to find out how this one goes. 

Fritz Maytag: I did this interview with Fritz Maytag for Malt Advocate in 2000, the afternoon of WhiskyFest. We met for lunch at the Four Seasons in New York, and I talked with Fritz for two hours about brewing and distilling. It was one of the best interviews I've ever done, and I've heard from people at Anchor that Fritz thinks it is one of the best he's done as well, which pleases me.

Victory: I recently interviewed Victory's partner-brewers Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet while getting a tour of their very advanced new brewhouse. Get the inside dope on the technical advances, the big iron, the effects on the beer, and yes, finally some stuff on Victory's new Philadelphia wholesaling agreement...just when you thought all that was over.

Karl Ockert: Another New Brewer interview, back in May: Karl Ockert of BridgePort Brewing in Portland, OR. Karl's been in microbrewing since about that? But he also worked for A-B, then went back to BridgePort. Good interview.

Mark Ruedrich: Another interview from January: I interviewed Mark Ruedrich of North Coast Brewing for New Brewer magazine, and that's no longer the current issue, so... here's the whole interview with this seminal California brewer, a fascinating look at making it the way you want to make it.

 Sam Calagione: Dogfish Head head Sam Calagione and I have a session on how to make the world's hoppiest beer, and we get inside the head of Randall the Enamel Animal.

Brian O'Reilly: Sly Fox brewer Brian O'Reilly talks about the new Sly Fox coming in Royersford, plans for bottling and menus and a big new cask ale program, and the Nine IPA Progression.  

Jonathan Wehle: The former Genesee scion and new owner of Rochester's newest (for now) brewpub, Brü, talks about what's up at the brewpub, and why he thinks he can make it in the very same spot where Empire crashed in a big pile of debt.

Marc Worona: I interviewed Stoudt's brewer Marc Worona in January of 2004. We talked about the huge new expansion at Stoudt's, where they're finally done with contract brewing, and some other topics, like Big B and the Stoudt's barleywine project.

Alan Newman: Magic Hat co-founder Alan Newman has some solid business ideas about what needs to happen in the craft-brewing segment...and a lot of people aren't going to like them. Newman doesn't care.


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