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Just in: 2/8/06 8:15 AM EST
One of my favorite bars, Schnitzel's Tavern in Bellefonte, PA, is in flames. My hopes and prayers for safety and a quick recovery to all involved. The Bush House Hotel, which houses Schnitzel's, dates to 1868, and sadly is reported to be likely "a total loss." 

Story from the Centre Daily Times here.

2/9: The latest from Bellefonte is that the Bush Hotel is nothing more than crumbling brick. My thanks to all of you who e-mailed me the news, knowing how I loved Schnitzel's. 

2/10: My memorial to Schnitzel's.

"We will bring back Schnitzel's."
That's from Susan and Kenny Kempton, the owners of the Bush Hotel, who announced recently (2/21) that they plan to rebuild. More here, and below. All I can thanks...and maybe we should all get together for the opening. 


schnitzelfire.jpg (92673 bytes)

Pictures received on 2/8/06 at 0858 EST; thanks to reader Sam Komlenic.


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