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Sending Samples

If you're in the brewing or distilling business and you'd like to send me samples for tasting and possible posting of sampling notes on The Latest, please follow these guidelines. 

1. Please package securely. Nothing is more frustrating than smelling a broken sample.

2. Please include full information with the sample: specs, history, reason for introduction. Please do not send your own tasting notes, I like to approach these things with an open mind. 

3. Please do not air-freight. Picking up air-freight at the Philly cargo terminal puts a major hole in my day, and, I must confess, puts a major hoodoo on my tasting mood. FedEx, DHL, or UPS all work fine so long as you follow guideline 1 above and either A) have a shipping permit for booze or B) don't label it as booze. Thanks!

Send samples to this address: 

Lew Bryson
2865 S. Eagle Rd.
PMB 353
Newtown, PA  18940

Note: I much prefer to receive press releases by e-mail. I'm not a great filer of paper, but e-mail I can find very easily. Thanks! 


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