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Lew Bryson

writes full-time about beer and spirits, since 1995.

wrote New Jersey Breweries, Stackpole Books, released in July 2008, with co-author Mark Haynie, the latest in this successful series of brewery travelguides, following the same winning formula as the others.

wrote Virginia, Maryland, & Delaware Breweries, Stackpole Books, released in July 2005, a travelguide to the breweries and brewpubs of the three states and the District of Columbia, (and about 130 of the best bars in the area, just for fun), complete with maps, brewery logos, a glossary, and full index.

wrote Pennsylvania Breweries, Stackpole Books, 1998. This travelguide to the state’s breweries and bars received excellent reviews in trade and mainstream press. A second edition with 45% new material was released in August, 2000. The third edition shipped in September 2005, with lots of new breweries, a new section on regional foods, and new maps.

wrote New York Breweries, Stackpole Books, 2003, a travelguide to New York's 54 breweries and brewpubs (and 125 of the state's best bars to boot), complete with maps, brewery logos, a glossary, and full index. 


writes two blogs: Seen Through a Glass, a beer and whiskey blog that has been quoted in national media, including the New York Times and Slate; and Why The PLCB Should Be Abolished, a political blog focused on rationalizing Pennsylvania's antiquated Liquor Code that began in April, 2008 and has already been referenced in blogs across the state and the Philadelphia Weekly.

appears in the television documentary Pennsylvania Breweries, released in August 2001 by WQLN-TV (Erie, PA) and continues to be shown across Pennsylvania on public television stations; debuted in national release in 2005 through American Public Television. The show’s script is taken directly from the Pennsylvania Breweries book and features additional interviews with brewers and my own commentary (taped at Sullivan's Pub, in Erie). I have appeared in support of the show on public television fundraisers for WYBE (Philadelphia), WLVT (Bethlehem), and WHYY (Philadelphia/Wilmington).

works as Managing Editor, Malt Advocate, since 1996. My responsibilities at this quarterly magazine include story assignments, rough and finish edits, fact-checking, rewrites. Staff writer since 1994. My regular writing responsibilities beyond features include the American Spirits, New Products, The Library (whisky-related media reviews), and Whisky News columns

writes regular regular features for Massachusetts Beverage Business magazine (Boston, MA). Over nine years= worth of my monthly features on beer and whiskey, on topics such as Guinness, bourbon, flavored beers, Canadian imports, winter beers, Mexican imports, rye whiskey, and how good beer goes bad, are available in the Archives at their website.

writes "Lew Bryson's Steaming Pile," a regular column in Ale Street News, a consumer beer tabloid (circulation 125,000). My writing has been featured in the paper since 1995, covering topics such as the beer distribution business, the decline in fruit beers, the romance of beer, non-alcoholic beers, and a long list of brewery profiles.

freelances regularly for Cheers, New Brewer, and American Brewer magazines.

consults in the brewing and beer wholesale/retail industries. 

presents tastings, lectures, and presentations on beer and whiskey for conventions, restaurants, business meetings, and individuals.

comments on beer topics in various newspapers and magazines, the AP, ABC News, and others.

co-founded the New Jersey Association of Beerwriters (2000).


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