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Epinions: writing (mostly) for fun



The website is a review site. Most people post up reviews of movies, appliances, software, that kind of stuff, and I'll admit, I have used the reviews to buy computer stuff and phones, and a stove, believe it or not. But they also "review" beer and whiskey there, and I've put some up. You get "paid" a penny a hit for these reviews, and I've made about $180 in three years. Yippee. 

But that's okay. I needed Epinions as a writing exercise. Writing for a crappy editor had ruined my style, and I needed to get it back. It worked (as you'll see if you work up through the beer reviews from the bottom), so I'm done now. I've put the links to the best of my reviews -- err...okay, the ones I liked the most -- below. I hope you enjoy them.

Beer Reviews

Jul 09 '01 Just How Special Is Extra Special Bitter?
Flying Fish ESB Ale
Jun 24 '01 Good Lord!
Yuengling Lord Chesterfield Ale
Jun 22 '01 They'll Find a Way to Hate This Beer
Victory Prima Pils
Jun 20 '01 Monks, Goats, and a big mug o' beer: what more do you need?
Moza Bock
Jun 19 '01 I Play Aggressively
Jun 13 '01 Doublebock Review #1: Der Geist Hilft Unser Schwachheit Auf (Hey, the review's in English!)
Paulaner Salvator 
Jun 13 '01 Doublebock Review #2: Reluctantly Admired  
Samuel Adams Double Bock
Jun 13 '01 Doublebock Review #3: Too Good for Epinions?  
Spaten Optimator
Jun 06 '01 Don't even say the "G" word
Sierra Nevada Stout
May 17 '01 Why Is Everyone So Surprised?
Blue Moon Belgian White
May 14 '01 Black, it ain't, but quibbling is for small minds
Asahi Black Draft
May 10 '01 Taddy, the First Time 'Round
Samuel Smith Taddy Porter
May 03 '01 Fuller's Proud Flagship
Fuller's London Pride
May 02 '01 Missed it by that much, Chief.
Sierra Nevada Porter
May 01 '01 Look, Mister, Just Let The Pig Drive, Okay?
Shipyard Old Thumper Extra Special Ale
Feb 21 '01 Under the Gas
Shipyard Blue Fin Stout
Feb 12 '01 "...and a little more than enough to drink, for thirst is a dangerous thing."
Flying Fish Belgian Farmhouse Ale
Feb 09 '01 All Fuggled Up
Shipyard Fuggles IPA
Sep 27 '00 Don't be Cruel to a Beer That's True
Iron City Beer
Sep 25 '00 And that's... the Rest of the Story
Budweiser Budvar // "Czechvar"
Sep 21 '00 Count the Teats and Divide by Four
Long Trail Double Bag
Sep 20 '00 Sex, Hot Peppers, and Mother's Milk
Victory Moonglow Weizen Bock
Sep 20 '00 The Trail More Traveled by...
Long Trail Ale
Sep 19 '00 The Savior of the Wasteland
Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Sep 12 '00 Exporting It Sounds Like a Good Idea
Shipyard Export Ale
Sep 08 '00 Tanked
Victory Festbier
Jun 20 '00 Hey! Fatso!
Victory St. Boisterous Hellerbock
Jun 09 '00 Quadrophenia
Weyerbacher Quad
Jun 09 '00 Oh Lord, Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood!
Victory All Malt Lager
May 23 '00 Not Just a Beer: it's a Commitment
Dominion Millenium
May 21 '00 I Have Swung Perkuno's Hammer
Heavyweight Perkuno's Hammer
May 04 '00 A Blonde With Some Substance
Redhook Blonde Ale
May 02 '00 Beer Worth Smuggling
Bell's Double Cream Stout
Apr 20 '00 I Got Your Hops -- Right Here!
Weyerbacher Hops Infusion
Apr 19 '00 My Lenten Exception
Weltenburger Kloster Asam-Bock
Apr 18 '00 What a Rush!
Neversink Oatmeal Stout
Apr 14 '00 Got Something to Celebrate?
Saison Dupont
Apr 07 '00 Get a big mug, and pour two
Isenbeck Premium Dark Beer (now imported as Warsteiner Dunkel)
Apr 04 '00 Texican Pale Ale
St. Arnold Amber Ale
Mar 30 '00 German is as German Does
St. Arnold Crystal Weizen
Mar 29 '00 Standard Operating Porter
Flying Fish Porter
Mar 27 '00 Alone at Last...
Weyerbacher Imperial Stout
Mar 24 '00 Big and Burnt: Beautiful
Wellington Imperial Stout
Mar 24 '00 My baby!
Victory Munich Dunkles
Mar 24 '00 Think You're Man Enough?
Okocim Porter
Mar 24 '00 Whenever I Can
St. Stan's VHB
Mar 23 '00 Robusto!
Degroen's Rauchbock


Brewery Tours

Aug 16 '01 Isaiah 40, Verse 3... er, kind of.
Deschutes Brewery, Bend, Oregon
Aug 15 '01 Age Before Beauty
BridgePort Brewing Company, Portland, Oregon
Feb 19 '01 The greatest brewery you'll never see.
Latrobe ("Rolling Rock") Brewing Company, Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Feb 13 '01 58 Minutes to Nirvana (at 70 mph)
Victory Brewing Company, Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Jan 30 '01 Tradition, Variety, and some well-kept secrets 
Breweries of the Northeastern U.S.
Nov 06 '00 Please Keep Your Hands Away From the Machinery
Yuengling Brewery, Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Nov 04 '00 One Hell of a Party; an Amazing Brewery
Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner, Texas

Beer Travel: Three P's

Aug 20 '01 Only Here For The Beer! -- Pittsburgh
Aug 16 '01 Only Here For The Beer! -- Philadelphia
Aug 15 '01 Only Here For The Beer! -- Portland, Oregon

Beer Drinker's Tips

May 17 '00 Come With Me, to the Vaults...
Aging beer
Apr 16 '00 It's all about networking
Finding the Best Beers in Your Area


Whiskey Reviews

Mar 01 '01 The Whiskey Gets Shot at the End of the Movie
W. L. Weller 10 Year Old 
Feb 18 '01 Merry Christmas, Mr. Bryson
Hancock's President's Reserve Single Barrel 
Feb 14 '01 A Flat Chunk of History
Woodford Reserve 
Jan 27 '01 The Book of Beam: Baker, Chapter 6
Baker's 7 Year Old 
Jan 03 '01 A Welcome Outcast
Alberta Springs 10 Year Old 
Nov 13 '00 Canadian wake-up call
Canadian Club Reserve
Nov 06 '00 "How to eat grass in your liquor"
Virginia Gentleman 
Jun 05 '00 With Every Sip, the World is Inescapably Diminished...
A.H. Hirsch 16 Year Old 
May 30 '00 From Poland, with Love
Old Overholt 
May 21 '00 A Beam of Sunlight in a Den of Despair
Jim Beam Rye
May 11 '00 Turkey on Rye: Great together
Wild Turkey Rye 
May 02 '00 Lubricant for the Gears of the Mind
Old Fitzgerald 12 Year Old Very Special 
Apr 27 '00 Don't tell Heaven Hill... But this is a Steal!!
Elijah Craig 12 Year Old 
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