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A Chef's Table (drinks on the side)

Audio archives of my appearances on Chef Jim Coleman's A Chef's Table, a syndicated radio program from WHYY-91 FM, Philadelphia.


This is Radio Firkinteenth! I'm off-site, doing an interview with Grey Lodge Pub owner Mike "Scoats" Scotese that we recorded on Friday the Firkinteenth (February 2004) and played just before Friday the Firkinteenth (August 2004), all about cask ale and the great cask ale event Scoats does at the Grey Lodge every Friday the Thirteenth. Set the slider to 32:04 and listen to Scoats and I get a little giggly talking about really good ale.

New York State of Mind Jim gets me talking about New York Breweries, Chris Sheehan's dark beers, Texas hots, beef on weck, wings...and at one point I can hear myself drooling. Whet your appetites: slide the timer to 23:58.

Why Buy Light Beer? A gentler version of my "Screw 'Em" editorial rant. Click on the link, slide your RealPlayer timer to 19:13, and you'll be right where things start.

Bourbon Sure Is Good A talk with Jim about "red likker." Jim's a bourbon drinker too, who knew? Put your timer on 19:05 for this one, and grab a glass of corn.

Getting Irish Irish beer and whiskey, a fun talk that went really well. Slide the timer to 56 seconds, I was right up front on this one!


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