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April, 2006

Ignorance Ain't Bliss

My 12-year-old daughter wrote the following letter to the editor of our local paper after a real hand-wringer of a guest opinion appeared. This local mom had decided that teen drinking was so bad that she was going to get rid of all the booze in her house and quit drinking, because it was so hypocritical, and drinking was so dangerous, and it was all Unprompted, Nora wrote this, and sent it to the paper (She's quite disdainful of the way her DARE instructor overstates things: "One shot will make you a raving maniac!" And evidently kids in her class are getting all kinds of weird stuff from their parents: "If you drink a shot of liquor, it will KILL YOU!!!"). They declined to print it -- actually, they ignored it, which really peeves me -- so I told her I'd put it up here. So I did.

What you donít know can kill you

by Nora Bryson

Kids die from alcohol-related accidents every year. But itís not really the alcohol thatís killing them. Itís not their driving skills either. Itís ignorance.

People say they are taking steps to educate us about safe drinking habits, and yet children still die. We are taught that drinking is bad, and that we should not do it. We are not taught how to drink safely, just that it is bad for us. Then when we reach twenty-one, we have no idea what to do and no idea how much we can drink and not intoxicate ourselves.

Children do not need to be scared out of their skins about alcohol; they just need to know the facts. Yes, if you drink too much at a time you will get drunk. But if parents teach their kids safe drinking habits before they can legally drink, this is less likely to happen. Yes, if you drink excessively, it will damage your organs. But liver damage only occurs when you drink too much, too often, over years and years. If you have a glass of wine or a glass of beer at dinner, every now and then, it does not cause liver damage.

My parents taught me at a young age what would happen to me if I drank too much, and I never intend to drink over my limit. Many parents are not very comfortable about talking to their kids about these issues. But please, do it for them. Itís a matter of life or death.




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