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Canadian Whisky Page

Looking for Wiser's De Luxe?

I know a good number of people come to my site every month through Google searches on Canadian whisky that point them to the Chicago Tribune piece I wrote in 2001. I thought it would be nice to help you out once you get here. I'm just getting started, but I'll be adding more as I can.

The full Corby (and Allied Domecq) portfolio is here, including Wiser's De Luxe and Very Old, and the very nice Canadian Club Reserve. I've been talking to Corby's VP for Int'l Markets, Howard Kirke (he's quoted in the Trib article) about people's desire to find Wiser's in their own market, and he tells me that they'll be "addressing this issue." Stay tuned. In the meantime, Vic Morrison is the U.S. contact for Wiser's, so if you're really desperate to find it locally, try contacting him...or you could just get all three of them, and other Canadians, by mail-order from Binny's of Chicago (I have no financial connection, etc., etc., I just happen to think Brett Pontoni's a nice guy, and he sells good whiskey) . Wiser's is available in Australia, the UK, Korea, France, and the following US states: AR, CO, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, KS, MI, MN, MS, MT, NC, ND, NH, NY, OH, OK, OR, SC, SD, TX, WA, WI. Good hunting! 

There is an Association of Canadian Distillers. They list the major distillers in Canada (not all, but most) with addresses, phone numbers, and some websites. There's also good information on Canadian whisky, the industry, and so on.



If you're looking for the late, lamented Bush Pilot Reserve, well...if you find any for sale, let me know, will you?

More to come as I get it!
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