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This is the free database download page.

If you read the explanation of the database and the license information, you're ready to download. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go back here and read up. 

There are two steps to having the beer info you want on your Palm-enabled PDA.

1. To read the database, you'll need MobileDB Lite, a free Palm OS database reader published by Handware. MobileDB Lite is a reader only, you can't change the file with it...but it's free. You can download MobileDB Lite here, from the FreewarePalm website.

2. To get the database, and to confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms of the license

you just have to click here.

Once you have installed MobileDB Lite and uploaded the database to your PDA, open MobileDB Lite and choose the "NYPA Bars and Breweries" database, and start cruising. (MobileDB will download with a bunch of sample databases. Do as you see fit, but I deleted all but about three of them. Makes finding what you want a lot easier.)

If you have problems getting the database to your PDA, please do what I did: Read The Fine Manual. You should have an "Install" feature in your Palm Desktop software. Open that, and mark the database for your next HotSync. That should do it. 

If you still have problems...well, I don't know a lot more about Palm than what I just told you. You're on your own. I'm a writer, not a programmer! If I find an easier way to do this in the future, rest assured, I'll do it, and put it up here so you can use it.

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Revised: June 02, 2005