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The Best of Pennsylvania and New York 

On Your PDA!

A Palm OS database of 416 Pennsylvania & New York breweries and bars (plus a couple surprises) with phone and address, sortable by name, state, area, town, or area code, with notes by Lew on each one...

(NEW UPDATE, 6/2/05!)

Samples: What's the gimmick? Legal Stuff
Kempton Hotel: hotel bar, across from the feed mill in Kempton, PA, 610/756-6588, PAD, "What a find! One of my very favorite PA hotel bars. Great authentic PA Dutch food, clean-as-a-whistle Yuengling drafts, and paintings on the ceiling. A classic."

Fadely's Deli & Pub: bar bizarre, 440 W. Main St., Patchogue, NY, 631/758-8882. Unique. Weird little place that doesn't seem to give a damn about anything but the beer. It's not a deli (it's not Fadely's anymore, either), but you won't mind. You gotta go once, and the beer's great.

Awful Al's Whiskey and Cigar Bar: beer/whisky bar,321 S. Clinton St., Syracuse, NY, 315/472-4427, "400+ spirits, 30+ taps, a ton of cigars (smoking, in a NY bar!), comfy couches and chairs, a long bar...Momma, I don't want to go home!"

Springhouse Tavern at Dobbin House: historic bar w/beer, 89 Steinwehr Ave., Gettysburg, PA, 717-334-2100, "Just way too cool; been a bar since the 1770s, they claim, even if, the idea of a bar/restaurant in a stone basement with a running spring PLUS Troegs and fresh apple juice...whew, yeah. Great experience."

Strawberry Hill: restaurant, 128 W. Strawberry St., Lancaster, PA, 717/393-5544, PAD. "Top-notch restaurant with an award-winning wine cellar and a surprising beer selection: Chimay White on tap last time I stopped in. Definitely worth a meal."

It's true:  I'm putting this database up for free download and personal use on your own individual Palm OS PDA. I've been using it on my Sony Clié for about two years now; I carry it whenever I travel the Empire and Keystone states. 

What's it got?  All the breweries and  brewpubs in New York and Pennsylvania: their addresses, phone numbers, and "quadrant," the rough area of the state; e.g., Philadelphia, or the Adirondacks, or Buffalo, or NorthEast PA; and my notes on each one. I've also got the same information for what I think are some of the best bars near those breweries in both states, and I threw in a couple of outstanding beer stores just for fun.

How do you find a bar?  Say you want to find a bar in Rochester. Open the database, tap the top bar, then tap again on "Record." Tap on "Sort" (or you can shortcut all that by just doing a command-stroke 'S' when the program opens). Set your sort for "Quadrant" to sort the entries by the state's area. Slide the columns to the right till you get to Quadrant, then just scroll down till you see "ROC." There are 11 bars, 5 breweries, and a beer store in Rochester, just waiting for you! Tap on one that sounds interesting, and you'll get all the details; take a look to the left for some examples of entries.

Free? What's the catch?  There is no catch. I've compiled this thing, and I'm letting you use it. I hope it will draw more traffic to my site, maybe even a few editors who want to buy some writing, but mainly it's to get my name out there in front of more people. That's what this business is all about. Meantime, enjoy it.  

Enjoy it? How do you get it?  Just read the next column, the legal stuff, and click on the link after you've read it.

Look, I have to cover my butt. I'm giving you a license to use this database for your own personal use. I know you regular readers won't take undue advantage of it, but some slimeballs might. By clicking here to download the database, you signify that you agree to the following simple terms of the license

 1. If you download New York & Pennsylvania Bars & Breweries©, you confirm that you understand that it was created, written, and copyrighted in 2005 by Lew Bryson, and therefore if you try to represent it as your own or someone else's, my hungry lawyer will have a field day at your expense.

2. The database is free for your personal use, but I'm not giving it away for unrestricted or commercial use: I retain ownership. If you would like to copy this for anyone, you may,  but you must include the terms of this license and my copyright information as included in the database as part of the deal, or my starving lawyer will have your assets for lunch.

3. I've only tested this on two different types of PDA. If it doesn't work, or you blame it for screwing up your PDA, you're on your own: I am not responsible for any damages this program may cause to your PDA, incredibly remote as this possibility would be. I'm not responsible if it doesn't work, or if you can't figure out how to use it, and I don't offer technical support of any kind: I mean, it's free, pal. 

4. I am not responsible for any bad decisions you make as a result of consulting the database. I am not responsible if you happen to have this database in your pocket when you get picked up for DUI. I offer this database as a tour guide only, not life decision advice.  

So that's 1) it's mine; 2)it's free for you to use; 3) you're on your own with using it; and 4) I am not encouraging you to drink. Got it? Then click here to go to the download page.


Copyright © 2008 Lew Bryson. All rights reserved. 
Fee required for reprints in any commercial media.
Revised: June 02, 2005