A Criminal Waste of Time

The Man Show On Tap: A Guide to All Things Beer
Ray James
Simon & Schuster, New York, 2004
176 pages, ISBN 0-689-87371-9, $12.95

Don't buy this book unless you're buying it to give to someone else as an insult to their intelligence. "Hey, I saw this and I just knew you'd love it!"

The Man Show On Tap makes "The Man Show" look like "I, Claudius." It gives you instructions on how to open a bottle of beer with your butt. Steal beer, drink too much beer, do stupid things after you drink too much beer. Ray James can't seem to make up his mind whether he likes beer or likes making fun of the people who drink it. 

This is worse than Bob Klein's Beer Lover's Rating Guide, the classically bad beer book of the 1990s. Sure, it's not meant to be serious, but at least Klein's book was funny, whether intentional or not. The Man Show On Tap is just pathetic.

Save your time, save your money. Watching Budweiser ads is funnier, reading Miller Lite labels is more educational. 


1/27/05:  An odd footnote. Ray James sent me an e-mail today, with the subject line "Read your Review of my book." The full text of the e-mail:

Blow me.

Ray James

Hey, you have to give the guy points for consistency. The book's short, crude, and unfunny, and so is the e-mail.

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